A button that lets people know you’re looking for friendly conversation…

Even if you seem a bit shy at first.

At a big event, or out in public, you could be surrounded by hundreds or thousands of people. Probably smart, friendly, like-minded people. Any number of them could very well be your next eye-opening conversation, even your next best friend.

But how do you know who to talk to? How to get a conversation going?

A Hi Button is a tiny nudge to help people to start talking. They come in a range of styles for more introverted or extroverted folks.

Tested at XOXO and CocoaLove. They totally worked. Now you can order a button for yourself!

Get Hi Buttons

And if you are running an event, you can contact us to order buttons in quantity and with a custom color scheme.

Art by @violasong; things and stuff by @fet, @nkkl, and @ienjoy!